About Us

Indulging in a passionate hobby instilled by my creative Loving Grandmother “Grace“.

I, Lisa Grace discovered a passion from creating luxury bath, body and home delights products made with organic natural ingredients.

The name “Grace of Galway“,  holds very dear to my heart.

Grace,  a sophisticated, elegant and classy lady with a heart of gold is still adored and fondly remembered by family and friends in my dear beautiful hometown of Galway in Ireland. My promise, is that my Grandmother’s spirit and legend will proudly live on…

We want our branding to represent her warmth, dedication, loyalty to care and her loving charm.

Our promise, is to deliver and showcase our luxurious and elegant products with the same quality, ambience and high standard only Grace herself would proudly approve of.

Caring for our environment, our next generation and animal welfare is of paramount importance to us all.
Why accept harsh chemicals when there are natural organic alternatives whilst still enhancing beautiful luxurious body and skincare products and amazing creations from planet Earth?

I dedicate my entire inspiration and all things beautiful to you , “Grace Of Galway” in honor of your absolute love and care for future generations .

Your Loving Granddaughter,
Lisa Grace

Any enquiries regarding our products and services, please call: +61 402736637