Tips for Pet Grooming

Pets are our furry best friends who we love to dote on and take care of. This includes making sure they are eating a well balanced healthy diet, getting the exercise they need and showing them in enormous amounts of love and affection. Having a pet can be a big commitment. One that we hope pet owners and would be pet owners take seriously. Looking after our furry friends ensures they are happy and healthy members of our homes. Pets that are well cared for will be able to spend many years enjoying life by our side. As some owners of pets might know grooming our beloved pets can be a real challenge at times. Having a regular and consistent routine for looking after our pets and grooming them is a crucial way of building trust with them. So here’s a few things to remember for pet grooming:

Keep on top of hair!
Pets who have long hair need to have their coat groomed regularly with brushing to keep it free from tangling. Long haired pets whose hair isn’t maintained can form dreadlocks and will hold more dirt and bacteria which can cause skin irritations. Some pets are prone to shedding, leaving trails of hair wherever they go. You can make life easier and more comfortable for you and your pet with regular brushing.

Mani-pedi luxury!
Many pets that spend a lot of time outdoors will naturally have claws that are dulled and less prone to tearing or ripping. For pets that are prone to growing long nails it is best to make sure they are regularly groomed. Keeping them at a manageable length means that pets wont be prone to scratching us or themselves, possibly causing injury.

Oral Hygiene is important!
Like us, pets and animals need to maintain good oral hygiene to keep them healthy. Unlike humans, pets do not have the luxury of having dentists to scale and clean, construct fillings and root canals. This means we need to make sure that our pets have healthy mouths. Keeping their teeth clean will also mean less bad breath.

Bath time!
Pets need to be bathed at least once a month to maintain the health, shine and manageability of their coat. Using formulated products with naturally sourced ingredients and essential oils will help keep their coats clean. When choosing products to keep in mind that they should sooth and refresh your pet in a gentle and friendly way. Always choose paraben free and stay away from toxic chemicals when could be harmful to your pet.

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Pet Grooming

  1. emily bennette says:

    This is some really good information about how to keep your pet well groomed. It does seem like a good idea to have a professional help you do the grooming. I would feel so bad if I accidentally hurt my dog.

  2. John Mahoney says:

    I didn’t know that your pets needed to be bathed at least one a month to maintain a healthy coat. It makes sense that doing your homework and understanding this can help you make sure you know how to best care for your hairy friends. I can see how anyone looking into this would want to consult with several companies and compare their rates and services before I choose the one that fits the bill.

  3. John Billows says:

    I totally agree that oral hygiene is important for pet’s health and also so they don’t have terrible breath like you mention. My dog could use a cleaning cause I don’t think he has had one in a few years. That might be why he has had the worst breath I have ever smelled in a long time. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Max Jones says:

    We’ve been looking for a good pet grooming service that we can take our dog to so that we can be sure she’s staying healthy. I like how you talked about being able to take care of pet grooming for long haired dogs being a necessity so it doesn’t form dreadlocks. I’m going to have to make sure we stay on top of our dogs pet grooming so it doesn’t create any issues in the future! Thanks for the tips!

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