Top 5 Natural Stress Solutions – Happy stress-busting!


Stress manifests in our bodies in many ways.  The fundamentals of Ayurvedic wellness are reducing Ama (toxins), balancing digestion (Agni) and lowering stress (Ayurvedic Fundamentals of Wellness, n.d.).  Together, these tactics support long-term, transformative wellness.

It’s August! (Yikes!) That means it’s almost Spring. It’s the perfect time to refresh and rebalance not just your home, but your body and mind too. After all, your body is your temple!

If by any chance winter has been weighing you down, try our Top 5 Natural Stress Solutions.  

For a holistic approach, we have listed a suggestion for each of the senses!

Happy stress-busting!

1. SEE

Take time out to appreciate the natural beauty around you.  A dose of daily sunlight could be just what the Ayurvedic practitioner ordered!

If we do not get enough exposure to sunlight, our serotonin levels can reduce. According to Healthline “low levels of serotonin are associated with a higher risk of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)” (What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight?, n.d.). In conclusion, SAD (aptly named!) is a type of depression that is caused by changing seasons.

Luckily, that sick-of-work day that you took to lounge around at the beach, WAS justified!


2. HEAR 

Have you ever thought about how what you HEAR might influence how you feel?

Experts at suggest that, “the soothing power of music has a unique link to our emotions.  It can be an extremely effective stress management tool” (The Power Of Music To Reduce Stress, n.d.).

Opt for slow, quiet classical music or the sounds of nature as it can slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease levels of stress hormones (The Power Of Music To Reduce Stress, n.d.).

There is a plethora of apps available to help you out with beginning or maintaining a meditative state, even when life gets chaotic.

Aura is an app that sends you a new three-minute, personalized meditation. (Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy Of Your Attention, n.d.).

Instant. Easy. Bliss!


Our sense of smell is a quick and powerful means of creating balance.

Grace of Galaway has a unique Ayurveda Well-being Range that can provide the support you need prevent stress.  Ayurvedic practices for centuries have been using the floral and plant essences.

And our gorgeous Ayurvedic Candles are especially formulated for the three different forces:

  • Vata (Space & Air-WIND)
  • Pitta (Fire & Water-FIRE)
  • Kapha(Earth & Water – EARTH)

It is believed that these forces are responsible for the characteristics of our mind & body (Wellness Range, n.d.) so it makes sense to rebalance them!


Caring for yourself from the ‘inside out’ is essential for achieving wellness. Eating foods that are warm and easy to digest will reduce the Vata in the mind and body, and help to reduce stress.  Choose foods that increase Sattva (clarity of the mind) like fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits and milk. But be sure to limit foods that are cold and raw like salads and raw vegetables (Simple Ayurvedic Strategies To Reduce Stress, n.d.) .


Our sense of ‘touch’ has incredible healing power.  Abhyana — the ayurvedic oil massage —has known health benefits (Simple Ayurvedic Strategies To Reduce Stress, n.d.).

Livestrong maintains that, according to the Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, “Massage may help restore normal circulation, improve immune system activity and play a role in restoring normal digestive system function” (Newal, n.d.).

Win, win AND win!

Combining Grace of Galaway’s traditional Ayurvedic massage oil, infused with herbal extracts, with gentle massage will melt stress away in milliseconds. Pinky promise!

When these simple anti-stress solutions are incorporated into your daily routine, it will help to stop stress in its tracks.

May you enter the new season with a spring in your step!


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